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I am pleased to recommend the Junior Researcher of the Department ….of the Institute of ... Shura Gomelsky for a Halyava Fellowship in the University of …, under the supervision of Professor Johnson. I know Shura Gomelsky by his papers published in some of the most prestigious research journals in my field, like "European Journal of Punks" and "Journal of the American Punks Society" and by my visits to Kiev. He is a very bright young researcher actively working in the field of … .

In his principal publication "…." (Amer. J. Punks, 80, pp. 45-68), written in collaboration with his Ph.D.-supervisor Stepan Kozlov, Shura Gomelsky has succeeded in solving the long-standing problem of … . The main reason why this important problem has remained unsolved for so long is that its full solution requires … . Furthermore, the method developed in the paper in question has a significant potential for further generalization to other … .

The topic of two of his other papers, published in the "European Journal of Punks " is the (пару предложений о чём статьи). These results constitute a very promising line of attack of the challenging problem of developing analytical methods for … . This problem is of the utmost practical importance in view of the numerous applications of the … in different areas of modern … .

During my recent visit to Kiev in June-July 20…, I learned of the latest work by Gomelsky, and I was especially impressed by his results on … .

The problem of (название проекта, который вы подаёте) is a hot topic in … . Progress in solving this problem can be achieved by further studying (тема Вашего дисера). Therefore the proposed project by Shura Gomelsky, devoted to the …, is indeed a very promising direction for the continuation of his previous research. On other hand, the combination of the research potential and hard-working abilities of Shura Gomelsky, together with the widely recognized expertise of Professor Johnson in …, definitely suggests a very high probability of success for the proposed project.

All of the above mentioned results were obtained by Sh. Gomelsky within a relatively short period of time. This evidences his ability to complete the research project within the schedule.

The papers mentioned above are clearly written in good English. Furthermore, Shura Gomelsky has already considerable experience in oral presentation of his research results in English at several international conferences. So in my opinion the applicant will definitely have no communication problems.

Summing up, I would like to strongly support Shura Gomelsky's application for an Halyava Fellowship , and I am certain that he will be a great asset to both the University of … (куда вы едете) and to the Institute of … in Kiev.


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